R(E)volution In The Financial Sector Driven By Fintech Companies

At today’s Thomson Reuters event in Zurich, Alexis Eisenhofer presented his view on structural changes in the financial sector driven by Fintech companies. The slides are available here.

Financial Technology (Fintech) As A Major Disruptive Force In Banking: TR 2015 Presentation

Alexis Eisenhofer presented his view on financial technology as a major disruptive force in banking at today’s meeting of 200+ European sales staff of Thomson Reuters in Frankfurt. The presentation is avaiblabe here.

Lecture Series By The Deputy Major Of The City Of Munich: “The Financial System From The Perspective Of A Market Data Provider”

As part of a lecture series by the deputy major of the city of Munich Josef Schmid, Alexis Eisenhofer of financial.com presented his view of the financial system from the perspective of a market data provider.  The financial system is running hot from both a systemic and a technical perspective.  Considering a universe of 12 million financial instruments with some examples of more than 100,000 quotes per second in a single instrument (Amazon shares, 7 June 2013), simplification and reduction to essentials is more important than ever.  With solutions provided by financial.com, customers can perfectly tailor the information to their business processes.

Shifts In The Banking Landscape Towards Fintech Start-Ups: SIPUG 2014 Presentation

At today’s meeting of the SIPUG (Swiss Information Providers User Group) in Zurich, Alexis Eisenhofer of financial.com presented shifts in the banking landscape towards Fintech start-ups. The presentation is avaiblabe here.