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Robo Sapiens: OMfinCon Berlin Presentation

At today’s Online Marketing Finance Conference in Berlin, Alexis Eisenhofer presented on the rise of machines in the financial services industry. The slides are available here.

Financial-As-A-Service: Big Techday 9 Presentation

At TNG’s Big Techday 9 in Munich, Alexis Eisenhofer of presented innovative websites of financial services companies. At The Thomson Reuters 2016 Digital Financial Services Symposium In New York was again one of the presenting companies at the Thomson Reuters 2016 Digital Financial Services Symposium on May 24th 2016 in New York City. This year’s symposium, attended by 100+ senior decision makers and industry experts, explored Innovation Across the Investment Cycle examining how innovation has streamlined the strategy and tactics of best practices in a constantly evolving market place. Key issues and trends discussed included the challenges of innovation vs. organizational requirements as they relate to the realization of future opportunities and to driving growth.




The German Speaking Financial Information Industry Met in Munich on 10 May 2016

The 6th DKF Congress for Financial Information took place in Munich on 10 May 2016. Centrally located between the financial centres Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna, Munich is easy to reach. The conference for the German speaking financial information industry was held at the Hotel Bayerpost Sofitel located directly at the Central Station. At the event, more than 35 vendors presented their products and services to more than 850 attendees.

Financial-As-A-Service: Medien Akademie Presentation

At today’s FinTech conference in Munich, Alexis Eisenhofer of gave a presentation on Financial-As-A-Service.

110 Institutional Investors Attended 23rd Dinner Event Of Münchner Finance Forum

The 23rd Dinner Event of Münchner Finance Forum took place on 1 March 2016 at the refurbished Donisl next to Marienplatz. The theme of the evening was “Investments in Motion Pictures”.

Hanns Beese, CFO of Constantin Film, presented the impact of changing in-home viewing behavior on producers. The rise of Amazon Prime and Netflix, which now combine more than two thirds of the subscription video on demand market, changes the industry in two directions. First, the pre-selection of the “start screen” reduces the amount of movies relevant to the consumers. Secondly the huge market power will shift the margins of producers significantly towards the digital giants.

The second presentation of the evening was given by Max Wiedemann, founder and managing director of Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion, on “Success Factors of Film Investments”. Together with his schoolmate Quirin Berg, he studied at the Academy of Film and Television in Munich, where they met Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. In 2007 they won the Oscar in the category “Best Foreign Language Film” for “Das Leben der Anderen”, a movie directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and produced by Wiedemann & Berg. Max Wiedemann sees the success of film investments as being a clear pattern in the composition of producer, director and actor. It’s often the same people who are successful. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee of a success, which is why investors should rather diversify their investment.



Fintech – Rise Of The Machines: Apobank Munich Presentation

At today’s Apobank Fintech lunch in Munich, Alexis Eisenhofer of presented the rise of the machines in the financial sector.

150 Institutional Investors Attended The 7th XING Capital Markets Colloquium In Frankfurt

The “7th XING capital markets colloquium” hosted by was first held in Frankfurt. With 150 institutional investors the Messeturm convention center was fully booked.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Rudolph (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich) presented on the new bail-in rules for struggling banks. The “too big to fail” phenomenon of banking markets creates significant systemic financial risk and should be prevented in the future through continuously updated recovery and liquidation plans and a clear liability cascade. The problem here is that much of bail-in-able liabilities such as deposits of small banking customers should be excluded for political reasons.

In a second presentation Dr. Carl-Heinrich Kehr (Mercer) reported on the latest trends in the manager selection of institutional investors. Mercer is the world’s leading consultancy with 100+ institutional clients and 500+ billion Euro assets under advice in Germany. German investors have the lowest proportion of equity risk in a European cross section analysis. At least large pension funds have expanded their equity investments from 3 per cent (2010) to 15 per cent. Pension assets of large corporate sponsors are not subject to insurance supervision which allows an equity share of 38 per cent. In the coming months, many companies are planning a reduction in equity exposure in favor of real estate and “other matching assets” which have a high duration and therefore better match long-running liabilities of pension schemes.

A big thanks goes to the sponsors of the event Hauck & Aufhäuser and Lacuna.

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