For Further News Please Connect With Us Through Social Media Or Subscribe To Our Newsletter. And Reuters Jointly Launch S-Investor For Sparkassen Informatik delivers market data of Reuters to Sparkassen Informatik, the main IT company of the Sparkassen group. The portal S-Investor provides market data to 417 individual websites, each Sparkasse has their own CI, which makes it the biggest financial information internet platform worldwide.

Expansion Of The Framework Agreement With Reuters Into Global Markets and Reuters have expanded their strategic partnership into global markets. The basic framework agreement has been in place since 2001.

First Conference Of Münchner Finance Forum At Allianz Arena On “New Ways To Stable Portfolio Returns”

The newly founded Münchner Finance Forum hosted its first annual conference in the press room at the Allianz Arena. The mission of the Münchner Finance Forum is the professional exchange of ideas in the field of institutional investment.

Today six renowned practitioners and academic researchers presented their views on “New ways to stable portfolio returns” to more than 200 visitors. A special highlight of course was the location of the event. The Allianz Arena is the most modern soccer stadium in the world and home to FC Bayern München. The event took place with support of For more details see here.

Börse Stuttgart Launches Derivatives Feed With Greeks By

Börse Stuttgart, the leading exchange for securitized derivatives in Germany, has improved its derivatives feed with real-time Greeks of The software is deployed in the data center of Börse Stuttgart. Launches Reuters Web Terminal

After having built different internet sites enters the market for intranet solutions. With the launch of Reuters Web Terminal delivers a comprehensive permissioning and reporting of data usage for professional users for the first time. Aquires 5% Stake In Swiss Derivative Partners

Due to strategic considerations abandons its ad-supported business model and focusses on B2B software-as-a-service solutions. The portal was sold to Swiss Derivative Partners in exchange for a 5% stake. Signs A Strategic Partnership Agreement With Reuters has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Reuters on the development and marketing of bespoke solutions. Reuters will deliver content whereas develops and maintains the platform to distribute the information in a customer driven manner.

Founding Shareholders And OnVista Leave

The founding shareholders Christina Brandl and Christian Hampp are leaving the company in order to pursue a business idea in the field of betting which, although close to’s business from a technical perspective, is very different in terms of regulatory issues.

Both founders have significantly contributed to the success of They sold their shares to existing shareholders and employees. We are especially thankful to Christian as, due to his efforts, the company owns the top level domain name. OnVista also sold their stake in the same transaction.

Cologne Based OnVista Group Aquires 10% Stake In

OnVista, the leading financial portal for retail investors in Germany with headquarters in Cologne, aquires a 10% stake in While OnVista will focus on marketing its portal to more investors, will develop and run innovative tools for analytics.

The investment amounts to 3 million DM and comes as a capital increase. Because of the IPO on 28 February 2000 OnVista recently increased their cash by 82,78 million DM. The equity story of OnVista is similar to’s strategy – internationalization and enhancement of the data across asset classes. Starts-Up A Business For Web-Based Information On Derivatives

Christina Brandl, Christian Hampp, Matthias Wiederwach and Alexis Eisenhofer are the founding shareholders of AG, a Munich based software company with a focus on delivering financial information to retail investors.

The company runs the portal where self-directed investors can find real-time information (Greeks) on derivatives. Currently there is only one monthly magazine (Optionsschein-Magazin) where people can find this kind of data. Because of the volatile derivatives markets most of this information is old and already worthless by the time the magazine is printed. The need for speedy delivery of this information is the basis for setting up this web site.

Goldman Sachs, Société Générale and UniCredit are the first customers for the ad-supported business model. The company plans to grow the business both internationally and across asset classes on