Premium Data Services

Comprehensive databases for financial information

The development and operation of comprehensive databases for financial information is our specialty.

Many banks or asset managers obtain different data sources, which they store in a central database. We are experts in connecting external data sources, harmonizing them, and storing them in a central database. Let us take care of the technical part, which does not add value for your investors. In return, you can spend your valuable time on evaluations and decisions based on a clean database.

Leading institutions have relied on our expertise for many years

LSEG premium data plus custom validation rules

There are application areas where the accuracy of data must be so high that errors must be excluded by all means. For example, if portfolio valuations with incorrect data lead to incorrect tax returns en masse, that is a very painful error. That is why, in addition to LSEG’s premium data, we have validation rules in place in some cases to further increase quality.

We can reduce errors via intelligent filters. Because we also apply these filters to real-time data, we can find anomalies.

We compare theoretical prices with actual prices. Often, deviations can be justified by errors in master data. But in a few cases, we also find arbitrage opportunities for securities traders. Or we may just find abnormal behavior patterns for regulators.