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As a broker, you do not give investment recommendations to your investors, but instead provide extensive access and tools. The better the information and news, the more trades their clients make. Your customers benefit from this just as much as you do.

LSEG Active Investor

LSEG Active Investor is a powerful service offering a suite of tools, analytics, and research options designed to help you investigate and seize opportunities. With LSEG Active Investor, you can benefit from an intuitive trading interface that features built in layouts used widely by investors and take advantage on many customization features to support your unique strategy and workflow.

Discover our LSEG Active Investor

Robo Advisor

For more and more investors, a robo-advisor is a digital solution for investing money. They use an algorithm to create, monitor and adjust their portfolios. This automated form not only saves fees, but also avoids the typical human behavioral errors and thus usually creates better results.

News and Research Alerts

In the past, access to news was limited. However, more news than we can process is accessible at any time via the Internet. In the past, “content was king,” but today, “context is king”. We filter the news for you and report the relevant news if the context is right for you.