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As an asset manager, your most important task is to increase your client’s wealth. We have a desktop solution for this that is tailored to your workflow and provides all the important decision-making parameters in your corporate design. While you make investment decisions and create reports for your investors, your clients can view the portfolios you manage via an Internet solution.

Real-time filter of market data​

Tailored monitoring rules let you track market activity in real time. We can identify unusual trading volumes and match whether there are any messages about them. Larger trading movements without news can be caused by insider trading, for example.​

Mistrading Rules and Confidence Protection for Private Investors​

The large number of securitized derivatives presents issuers with major challenges in terms of market data. If data on the underlying changes, for example due to a stock split, this has a direct impact on the price of the derivative. Although issuers can cancel under certain conditions, this results in a major loss of confidence for private investors. We compare actual prices with the theoretical value and can identify mispricing before problems arise.​