Risk Manager
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Risk Manager

Risk management is crucial for investment success and thus for a sustainable customer relationship. Risk metrics have been in our DNA since we started the company in financial derivatives valuation.


Comprehensive Risk Metrics

For all securities, we calculate the common risk measures that are the day-to-day business of a risk manager. Via the implementation of models, we can also calculate theoretical prices for illiquid securities. For these pricing services, we can also aggregate liquidity at different trading venues.

Risk Alerting

Comprehensive alerting forms the basis for any risk monitoring. We can send real-time alerts and report critical threshold violations. In addition to simple rates, customer-specific key figures can also be calculated and monitored on demand.

X-Ray Functionality

The most important thing in risk management is maximum transparency. Especially with funds of funds, it is often not clear which ultimate assets are in the investor’s portfolio. That is why we have developed an X-Ray functionality that reduces complex bundles of assets to the underlying assets.