REST and Streaming APIs

MARKET DATA APIS THAT POWER TODAY’S FINANCIAL WEBSITES’s products are powered by comprehensive high performance REST and streaming APIs, that are also available as separate offerings. They cover realtime quote data, time series, fundamentals, news, ESG, fund data and many more. The data is sourced from Refinitiv and other vendors and stored in’s data centers.

The APIs are fast and highly scalable, designed to be consumed directly via internet from browsers or mobile devices. This provides convenient and direct API access to industry-leading Refinitiv market data without the hassle of setting up one’s own server-side proxying or caching architecture.

Content that can be accessed via our APIs include


Our wide-ranging set of standard APIs and content sets doesn’t meet your needs? Then let us develop your own custom API. We have always supplied websites with financial data. That’s why we know exactly how painful it is when pages pull together data from different sources and take seconds to load.

We have extensive experience integrating 3rd party vendor feeds or our clients’ own in-house data, aggregating them and creating streamlined APIs on top of them. We can implement your business logic, and we can combine and commingle your data with our existing (e.g. Refinitiv) content sets and APIs, as required by your solution. As with our standard APIs, you profit from the speed and scalability of our intelligent caching layers that simultaneously comply with the permission rules of the vendors. This allows you to focus on building feature-rich applications, without having to worry about integration hassles or performance issues.