Fintech – Rise Of The Machines: Apobank Munich Presentation

At today’s Apobank Fintech lunch in Munich, Alexis Eisenhofer of presented the rise of the machines in the financial sector.

The Rise Of Fintechs: Trendforum Frankfurt Presentation

At today’s Trendforum conference in Frankfurt, Alexis Eisenhofer of presented the rise of Fintechs in the financial sector.

The Future of Banking: OMfinCon Berlin Presentation

At today’s Online Marketing Finance Conference in Berlin, the conference topic focussed on the future of banks facing numerous innovative fintech companies.  The slides of our presentation are available here.

Attack Of The Fintechs? Austrian Banking Congress 2015 Presentation

At the 10th Austrian Banking Congress 2015, was in the centre of a panel discussion about the impact of Fintech companies on banks. You can find the presentation of the key note here.

R(E)volution In The Financial Sector Driven By Fintech Companies

At today’s Thomson Reuters event in Zurich, Alexis Eisenhofer presented his view on structural changes in the financial sector driven by Fintech companies. The slides are available here.

Financial Technology (Fintech) As A Major Disruptive Force In Banking: TR 2015 Presentation

Alexis Eisenhofer presented his view on financial technology as a major disruptive force in banking at today’s meeting of 200+ European sales staff of Thomson Reuters in Frankfurt. The presentation is avaiblabe here.

Shifts In The Banking Landscape Towards Fintech Start-Ups: SIPUG 2014 Presentation

At today’s meeting of the SIPUG (Swiss Information Providers User Group) in Zurich, Alexis Eisenhofer of presented shifts in the banking landscape towards Fintech start-ups. The presentation is avaiblabe here.